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Psychotherapy catered to adolescents, young adults, adults, couples and competitive athletes

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, my intention is to create a warm space where you can start your journey of authentic self discovery. I believe that my energy, personality and tasteful humor are the building blocks of a relationship that will support and guide you on your journey.




Individual Therapy

Psychotherapy can provide support and guidance for a variety of personal challenges. At EMadris Therapy we specialize in generalized anxiety, life adjustments and transitions, depression and mood disorders, relationship challenges, eating disorders/disordered eating, competitive athletes, body image, work life balance, family dynamics.

Small Groups

In an age where connection is predominately online, offline connection is paramount. In aiding in the transition offline we offer small groups tailored to the needs of young adults and adolescents encouraging in person connection. Groups are tailored to the groups needs and are structured in a process format.

Clinical Supervision

For young professionals looking to discover their clinical voice within the field post graduate school or looking to transition into private practice. Emily offers clinical supervision with a goal of supporting other thriving therapists build their private practice, find their clinical style and discover their strengths as a clinician.

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What clients are saying…

“Never had I thought to go to therapy or felt the need to, and then life kind of knocked me down. I had no idea what finding a therapist would entail and after searching high and low for the right fit (and the right availability!) I was lucky enough to meet Emily. She’s guided me through the highs and lows that have come along in my life from the moment we started working together. She provides a safe and comfortable space to talk as well as a honest and guiding perspective/insight. As life has moved on, I have now been seeing her consistently for the last 2 years and our time together has become a big part of my journey. Through the work we have done together I walk out after each session happier, stronger and ready to take on life’s moments.”

– K

I have nothing but positive things to say about Emily: she is kind and attentive and insightful. But perhaps the most important thing is that she gets me. She supports my growth with deep empathy and (when I need it) tough love. I’ve had more than a few therapists before and not a one has seen me so clearly.”

– A.

“Emily is an incredible clinician whom I have been referring to for years. Her ability to form connections with her clients is what this work is all about it. She also has a keen gut instinct on knowing what a client needs and how to help them be seen and held in a way that I truly find to be remarkable and an incredible gift. Anyone would be lucky to work with Emily.”

– Jill Lewis, MA, LCSW, CEDS-S, CGP

“I have collaborated with Emily professionally for over two years and am impressed by her clinical skills and compassion. She is an experienced, dedicated, and talented clinician. It is a delight and privilege to work with Emily!”

– Liah Rozenman MA, RDT, LCAT