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What are your rates?

Rates may vary depending on assessment of clients’ needs. This will be discussed during the initial complimentary phone consultation.

What about insurance?

We are Out of Network providers, meaning we does not directly accept insurance. We can however provide invoices for our sessions to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 

I know navigating the insurance process can be frustrating so I am happy to help wherever necessary.

What questions should I ask my insurance provider?

Do I have Out Of Network benefits?

What is my deductible?

Have I met my deductible?

At what percentage do I get reimbursed?

Do you offer in person and virtual sessions?

At EMadris Therapy we offer a both in person session and virtual sessions. Scheduling can be discussed at time of initial consultation.

Who is the right provider for me?

During the initial phone consultation a provider that best suits your needs will be suggested.

Who do you treat?

We specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, body image concerns, low self-esteem depression, anxiety, relationship stress and general coping skills development. We are LGBTQIA+ affirming and work in a Health-At-Every-Size framework.  We work with people who want support in making positive changes in their lives.